Armpit Pain

A  Guide to Identifying Causes for Armpit Pain

Have you ever experienced armpit pain and wondered if something serious was wrong?  The truth is that pain in this part of the body could be serious but it could also be caused by something minor.  If you ever feel this type of pain and have concern, you should not hesitate in contacting your doctor.  That way, anything major could be ruled out so you have peace of mind.

With armpit pain, the most common cause is swelling of the lymphatic glands.  These glands are found underneath the arm, as well as in the breast area.  Sometimes, these glands become swollen due to a virus whereas other times, it could be a sign of something serious, even cancer.  Typically, armpit pain caused by swollen glands would disappear in a few days along with the swelling so anything lasting longer than this would require medical care.

Another cause for armpit pain is a pulled Pectorallis muscle.  This muscle runs is the chest muscle that runs along the underneath rib area.  If you work out a lot, especially lifting weights but you fail to warm up or cool down as a part of your fitness regimen, you put yourself at risk for straining or pulling this muscle.  When this happens, it would be expected to feel chest and armpit pain.

The development of a cyst could also cause armpit pain.  These cysts are usually just benign growths that stay or go away.  However, if you ever feel any lump under the arm, you should have it checked.  Depending on any suspicions by the doctor, it might be necessary for a small biopsy to be done so the cyst could be determined safe and not a malignant cancer cyst.

Keep in mind that armpit pain could be something very simple such as using the wrong deodorant, shaving too close, clothes being too tight that are rubbing against the skin, etc.  Obviously, if the problem were the deodorant, then you would simply need to choose a hypoallergenic product instead of your current product.  If shaving is the problem, do not shave as close or use a hair removal product.  Then for tight clothes, simply choose looser clothing, especially around the sleeve area.

Even excessive stretching, which could be caused from working out or playing a sport could cause armpit pain.  This pain is known as axillary myalgic, which is simply the result of overusing muscles in the armpit.  You will find that people who play tennis, racquetball, baseball, and other similar sports will experience this type of pain at one time or another. 

Unfortunately, one of the worst types of armpit pain is caused by shingles.  This illness is actually caused by variation of the chicken pox virus.  Formally known as Herpes Zoster, small blisters develop that are extremely painful.  Typically, these blisters will appear on the chest, back, and shoulders and because they affect nerves in all those areas, it is common to experience armpit pain.  The problem with shingles is that they take time to be treated and again, they are painful but with proper medical care, the armpit pain can be eased.