Armpit Waxing

Is Armpit Waxing For You?

Armpit waxing is one of several methods of removing hair from under the arms. Hair removal may be done for several reasons. For one it is a cultural thing. We live in a society where underarm hair is not considered attractive in women. The argument could be made that it isn't all that beautiful in men either, but that would be a hard sell. Hair removal can also be done for health reasons, as hair in the armpits can make a good breeding ground for bacteria. In athletics, swimmers often remove armpit hair to gain that extra fraction of a second in a race. Bodybuilders too, often seem to prefer hairless armpits.

There are five common methods of removing hair under the armpits. Shaving, plucking, armpit waxing, applying hair removal cremes or lotions, and removal by electrolysis. Laser removal is yet another option although not too much is known about it at this time. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, which is to say that armpit waxing may not be for everyone.

Shaving - Shaving away underarm hair is a time-tested and proven method, and is today the preferred method for most. The advantage of shaving is that it is easy and effective. The disadvantage is that shaving may have to done fairly frequently, almost on a daily basis for some. Then, there is always the possibility of getting a cut or a scrape. Still, this method remains popular, and likely will for some time to come.

Plucking - Plucking is a more permanent solution. It can also be quite time consuming, as the hair is removed one hair at a time and not in bunches. It is also the most painful method of dealing with the problem, and does have a downside in that there is a greater risk of infection than is the case with any of the other methods. As far as pain is concerned, that can probably be eliminated by having the job done by a professional, in which case any chance of infection would probably be eliminated as well. Summed up, plucking by a professional would be tan expensive, but a very effective approach.

Armpit Waxing - Armpit waxing is becoming more widely used. It removes hair completely, though usually only for a few weeks, but certainly longer than shaving does. Heated wax is applied to the armpit area, and wiped off with a cloth, taking the hair as it is wiped away. The area to be waxed needs to be clean and free of deodorants or cosmetics. Also, waxing should not be attempted if there are any cuts or scratches in the armpit as the result could be quite uncomfortable.

The wax has to be heated enough to do the job properly, and not heated too much or a burn could result. Most proponents of armpit waxing will recommend that it be done by a professional the first time, so the proper technique can be well understood. A waxing session is often concluded by applying a moisturizing cream to the armpit area, and avoiding use of a deodorant for at least one day.

Hair Removal Creams - Another approach is the use of hair removal creams. These creams are easy to use, are effective, and it is usually at least two weeks before hair reappears. The main disadvantage is that some people, perhaps many, find the creams to be an irritant, and sometimes unpleasant smelling. Some can tolerate a certain cream or cosmetic on their skin and others cannot.

Electrolysis - A final method which should be mentioned is probably the most effective of all, but without a doubt by far the most expensive, as it requires the services of a professional. This is hair removal by electrolysis, a procedure in which each the hair in each individual follicle is killed. Whichever method you choose, by reading this, you should now have an understanding of the basics regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each method.