Sweaty Armpit


Social Stigma of Sweaty Armpit

The social stigma of sweaty armpit can develop as early as 10 or 11 years of age, in many young children. The medical issue is referred to as hyperhidrosis, and the name speaks volumes about the affliction. Hyper, referring to and over excited phases, and hydrolysis, named for water or liquid in general. In this case, the liquid is perspiration that is a byproduct of exercise, stress, or any number of perspiration producing episodes. Keep on reading to find out what exactly the issue of having too much sweat-production under the arms is really all about.

The basic development of overactive sweat glands in a young person’s armpit area, can lead to a sort of social barrier and one that can impact the young persons entire life. The treatment options for hyperhidrosis are normally prescription deodorants and dietary concerns. The issue with sweaty armpit lies in the fact that sometimes the body odor is so bad it makes for a bad situation, and this obviously leads to social reclusion. The fact remains that it is quite embarrassing to perpetually emulate an odor that is seen as offensive and a sign of an un-hygienic individual.

Another fact is that sufferers of hyperhidrosis can shower 10 times a day, can apply copious amounts of over-the-counter deodorant and even in some cases, prescribed deodorant, all to no or little avail. Wet-armpits are not easy to deal with and in most cases end up either running their course or being treated in alternative methods. One of the most popular methods for treating sweaty armpit is to notice what is consumed on a daily bases that could contribute to the condition.

From caffeine to excessive salty foods, the individual that suffers from wet-armpits needs to be aware and conscience of the fact that some foods and some beverages contain high volumes of sweat producing agents, and should be avoided, at all cost. One interesting fact about the treatment of hyperhidrosis is that the consumption of water seems to benefit this over-perspiration issue. The goal is to flood the body with excessive water and subsequently when the hyperhidrosis episode is in full effect 9% or higher will be pure H2O.

What normally ends up happening is that although the increase perspiration under the armpits remains a sweaty armpits issue, the social stigma of body odor is lessened or is not an issue. Many individuals choose the lesser of two evils when dealing with any amount of sweaty armpit issues and would rather not have an odor and damp-armpits than to have sweaty armpits. Another way to treat or atleast control wet-armpits, is to apply baby-powder right after showering so that the cornstarch in the baby-powder acts as a sponge and soaks up the excessive perspiration, for the most part. Individuals are prompted to reapply baby-powder, all throughout the day, and this can be at work or anywhere else. A great first step for treating sweaty armpit medical issues, are to consult a physician, who is experienced in the pursuit of a release from the scourge of hyperhidrosis.